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Everything you need to know about registering with Hickory Music Publishing
To get started, just sign-up for a user account and begin your Initial Submission. Our panel of music placement A&R's will review your music and provide you with a response a to whether or not you are accpeted into the Hickory Music Publishing network of creators.
Hickory Music Publishing has a reputation for providing some of the highest quality audio production to professional production companies, brand agencies, and music labels. In order to ensure that we maintain this standard, we are selective of the producers and songwriters we bring into our network. We utilize an 'Initial Submission' to make a determination about the quality and consistency in the creators delivering music.
Our team of A&R's review your music using the following criteria: 1.)Originality - NO Samples, remakes, or remixes 2.)Audio Quality - The overall sonic quality of the music including the mix 3.) Comparison to Market - Does this creator's music sound like something current or something that could compare with mainstream songs in the specific genre? 4.) Consistency - Is the creator consistent with delivery and quality?
The one-time sign up fee covers the help of our awesome team that listens to all submissions (talk about time-consuming), account setup, and maintenance of our client libraries.
How submissions work
Once you have been approved into the network, we will setup your intial catalog. This catalog will be used for any non-exclusive placements through Hickory Music Publishing. We receieve requests from music supervisors and production companies for tracks that fit a certain criteria per placement (genre, bpm, vocals, no-vocals, etc.)
If your content in the library matches a request we send it in to the production conpany for consideration.
A non-exclusive music placement is when we license your music for use in television and film placements. You, the creator (songwriter/composer), keeps ownership of your copyrights and you can still pitch your own material to other non-exclusive catalogs.
An Exclusive, Work-for-Hire, or Synch placement is when a creator releases the copyrights for up-front compensation, either with or without future royalties. There are usually also limitations on what you can do with your music after it has been licensed this way.
You music will not be submitted to any Exclusive or Synch placement opportunity without your permission. You will be notified about these opportunites, and will have the option to opt-in or out. These types of placements also have additional terms (compensation amount, royalty payouts, etc.) and require adddtional paperwork, aside from our standard Music Licensng Agreement. This paperwork must be completed by the creator prior to the music being placed.
Your library volume is based on your membership type.
Tracks are to be submitted in minimum sets of five (5), for example:
- 5 Hip-Hop tracks
- 5 Pop beats
- 5 Electronic beats
How our creators get paid
Each Exclusive, "work-for-hire", or Synch placement payout varies on a case-by-case basis. The production company or branding agency makes the determination of the compensation for these types of placements and provides the terms for payout scale and royalty agreements.
Non-Exclusive royalties are paid to the creators directly through their respective Performing Rights Organization (PRO); either ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or SOCAN. To qualify for placememnt opportunites through Hickory Music Publishing each creator must be registered with as a writer/composer with a PRO to submit music for placements and to receieve royalties. Any upfront fees for Exclusive, "work-for-hire", or Synch placements will be paid directly from Hickory Music Publishing to the creator. Future royalties will be collected and disbursed through their respective PRO.